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Mary Dyer Illuminated                                    $20 
Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This             $20
Dyers of London, Boston, & Newport            $14

Effigy Hunter                                                  $14

Anne Marbury Hutchinson: American
    Founding Mother

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16x20” poster of 1659 letter by Mary Dyer   $36.99 
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Beautiful reproduction of Mary Dyer's letter 
of October 26, 1659, her only-known letter to the Massachusetts Bay Colony

General Court

Printed in high resolution on glossy photographic paper at the 16"x20" size with a golden brown outline and white border, Mary Dyer's handwriting appears to be actual size. Unlike the low-resolution photo here, the poster is sharp and easy to read.

With your purchase, you'll receive a transcription of the handwriting on an 8.5x11" page. Beware--its content is not the same letter you've read in genealogy pages or other books about Mary Dyer. Those letters were rewritten after her death, to serve a different purpose.

These are Mary's words, unedited, uncensored, in her own hand, and they give you a new perspective of her thoughts on the day before she expected to be hanged. 

This poster, a keepsake and conversation piece, is a lovely gift for

  • history enthusiasts
  • Quaker Friends
  • defenders of religious liberty 
  • ministers
  • history, art, or English teachers
  • genealogy lovers
  • descendants of Mary and William Dyer
  • historical libraries or societies

These lovely posters are suitable for framing for your office, family room, or classroom. Once protected by your poster or picture frame, the students in your home can take this to school to show in class.

You won't find this in any museum or gift shop: it's exclusive to this site.

Make a pair of them!
William Dyer's May 27, 1660 letter begging the release of his wife Mary.

The high-resolution, life-size print comes with a transcription.

The original archived letter was scanned and is printed in high resolution on 16x20" glossy photographic paper. The letter is about actual size, surrounded by a golden-brown outline and white space that will resemble a mat when you've framed it.
16x20" poster of May 1660 letter by William Dyer $36.99

FOR SALE by author

I.B. Jammin'

That's my jams and fruit butters available ONLY to people in the Phoenix-metro area. (They're heavy and too expensive to mail safely.) 

Boutique jams and jellies for yourself and for holiday gift-giving, made in small batches from fresh fruit, from scratch.
Strawberry-kiwi-ginger $7 half-pint
Strawberry-ginger $7 half-pint
BRB4 more (blackberry-raspberry-blueberry) $7 half-pint
Sweet-Tangy Relish (onion-tomato-bell pepper) for dips, meatballs, or hors d'oeuvres. $7 half-pint
Caramel apple butter, made from fresh red apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, and a touch of cloves and nutmeg. $7 half-pint
Caramel pear butter, made from Arizona Kieffer pears, brown sugar, and a touch of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. $7 half-pint

PLUM Tasty, made from fresh red and black plums with a touch of ginger and cinnamon. Some lower-sugar plum jars available. $7 half-pint
Pineapple-coconut jam (two reviews of 5 stars) $7 half-pint, $14 pint
Arizona apricot $7 half-pint -- temporarily sold out

They’re $7 for each half-pint jar, but during the holiday season, if you buy 11 at the $7 price, you get the 12th for freeeee! You can knock out that gift list in one swoop.

Use the contact form in this site, or click the IBJammin link above, for ordering info.

Christy  K  Robinson