Piano / Keyboard Lessons

for adults and school-age children

Christy  K  Robinson

When my student moved to Virginia, he made me a thank-you card and we hugged and got a little emotional. I'm so proud to be THAT kind of teacher.

Location: NW Valley/Peoria/Sun City/Glendale

Learn to sightread music for both hands, count your rhythms, and (for fun) play by chords. There's a modern curriculum designed for younger and older kids, and a different curriculum for older teens and adults. For supplementary music, you'll enjoy classical, popular, religious (if you desire), and other styles.

Piano/keyboard lessons for school-age children through adults of all ages, in my home studio (see images). Beginners or transfer students all welcome!

Students need a 71-key or 88-key (preferred) electronic keyboard, or acoustic piano (the kind with hammer and strings), for daily practice at home. Teacher will assess which books student will need to buy, or decide on books student has been recently using. A beginner's set, which will last about 4-7 months, is around $30, so it's very economical.

Teacher has 30+ years of teaching experience in private keyboard studio, and private lessons or classes.

Use the contact form to leave your name, a number for me to text, and "piano" for a callback, as I've stopped answering unknown calls. When we speak, I'll let you know tuition rates, or schedule lesson appointments.

• "I took piano lessons with Christy for nearly 7 years. I learned not only how to play the piano, but also about music as an art. She was always encouraging, honest, and taught in an easy and understandable manner, especially for a child. I would recommend Christy for anyone wishing to learn to play the piano with a comfortable and diligent teacher." Esther Allen
• "Christy was an awesome piano teacher!! And she has a beautiful voice, too!! She helped me learn to play the piano and appreciate playing by helping me to learn songs that I chose, songs that I enjoyed singing and music that would challenge me, but not frustrate me to the point I didn't want to play anymore. Christy was very patient, calm, positive and kind - even though some days... I'm sure she knew I hadn't practiced!!! :) Christy was always on time, prepared and smiling!" Robyn H.
• "Very encouraging and helpful; in just one year I was playing real songs!" Dr. Claire Damecourt
• “Christy was our daughter's piano teacher at a very impressionable time in our daughter's young life. The love of music was instilled in her for a lifetime under the tutelage of this most excellent teacher and woman! I highly recommend her to any parent who is looking for piano instructor for their child.” Nelli Villa Webster
• “Most children start lessons because their parents want them to, not because they want to. There are teachers who can teach you notes and fingering and how to be technical. Then there are those who can show you what it's like to FEEL music. Christy Robinson brought music to my life in a way no one else could have, and that is a lifelong gift.” Maria Webster
• "Christy taught both my daughter and son piano for several years until she moved to California. She was their first teacher, and they loved her, and so did I. She has a wonderful ability to make learning the basics fun, and used both classical and modern music, so the kids did not lose interest. Due to her initial training that gave them a love of music, they both have kept up with their music through the years-Alicia playing piano and percussion in the Canberra City Band that placed second place in Australian Nationals 2 weeks ago, and Joey playing keyboards, guitar, and bass clarinet. Thank you, thank you, my friend Christy for your influence on both of them!!!!" Cyndi Huber

• "We were always grateful that you were a great Christian example as well as a musical one. Thank you, Christy!" John and Geri Rowlinson
• "Christy was very patient with my hyper daughter. It was a positive experience for us and my daughter used her piano education to expand her musical experiences to band and choir." Linda Marsa Watkins


Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?
I teach students to read music and to play with expression, so that you can play on your own, without someone playing it first for you to copy. Everything you learn in a piano lesson is applicable to playing other instruments and singing. And learning music opens brain pathways that help you learn faster and better in other subjects. Music students achieve higher scores in other subjects.

What is your greatest strength?
Patience. I have buckets of patience! Don't worry about making a mistake at your lesson. I'm there to both fix the problem, and to praise and encourage the progress and victories. I'm very positive about students and their abilities, and will NEVER, EVER discourage a student. Music is a precious gift that everyone should unwrap.

What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?
What's a good age to start music lessons? There are some exceptions, but the fastest learners (for your tuition money) are children in first grade and up. And adults of any age, including seniors. Children in preschool and kindergarten haven't yet developed the fine motor skills or reading skills needed for piano practice at home, their fingers are quite small, and it's hard to sit attentively for a half-hour piano lesson. What might take a year of weekly lessons for pre-grade 1 children could be done in 3-5 months by a child in school.

If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?
Inside secrets: my most successful students are those who practice their assignment on a daily basis, even for 10 minutes a day if that's all they can manage. If parents are involved with kids by asking for a weekly 10-minute "concert," they can see the progress and encourage the child. Another secret: music students who also take dance or martial arts classes are very sharp at both, probably because they've learned personal discipline, time management, and goal-setting.

What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?
Learning to play the piano is a long-term commitment. You're learning to read music, and you're learning to express those symbols as sound. To be a pianist is a combination of knowledge and skill. I will teach you the knowledge needed to go home and develop your skill. Lessons plus home practice will make a musician. It takes both. Many people ask if they or their child have "talent." It's my belief that everyone has talent to some degree, but they need instruction, and the personal commitment to stick through even if it gets tough to handle the time or finances to pursue their goal. It's the *desire* that's true talent.

Tell us about something you do that you are particularly proud of.
I was playing at a large “camp meeting” (outdoor church service at a rural camp), when a friend arrived late. Before she even saw who was playing the piano, amplified all over the camp, she knew it was me. How? She said she recognized my expressiveness. One of the sidelines over the years of being a professional piano teacher is being a church musician. I play the pipe organ, synthesizer, and piano for churches of many denominations, and can play many styles from baroque organ to gospel to traditional hymns and contemporary praise-band. I sightread the music in any key, and I can play off chord symbols on a lead sheet. Most pianists can't do both, but I've been doing it from childhood.

Do you have a favorite story from your work?
Most of my hundreds of students over the years have grown up to be people who enjoy music for its own sake; others have served their churches as keyboardists (organ, piano, synthesizer) and praise-team members. One piano student pursued his doctoral degree in music and now teaches at a university in Minnesota. Another student had taken piano from me for a couple of years, and wanted to join his high school jazz band, for which he'd have to audition because membership was very limited and exclusive. But his sightreading and theory from piano lessons gave him entrance at the first audition. I was even more proud than his mom.

What do you like most about your job?
I love sharing the love of music, and guiding a student into a lifelong passion for the arts; it's also a personal buzz to overcome a student's learning challenges by finding a way inside the "I can't do it" mentality.