Christy  K  Robinson

Effigy Hunter is a

literary genre-bender.

There's nothing like it. It's nonfiction medieval history, genealogy, monument photography, travelogue, a bucket list of where to go on your effigy hunt, anecdotes about the people behind-or under-the effigies, and a lesson in religious symbols and what they meant to the people who made them. This book contains more than 60 original images, and tables with more than 900 medieval names and burial places in Great Britain and Europe. Many of the subjects were royals or aristocrats, and others were famous or forgotten-until now.
If you're interested in ancestry research, this book is indispensable: you'll learn what some of your ancestors looked like, and chances are great that you share many of these ancestors with millions of people living today, so you can find out more about what kind of people they were as you extend your lines.
You need Effigy Hunter as your trail guide.

| Chapters:
| Church Monuments
| In the beginning, hundreds of years later
| I see dead people!
| The parts of a medieval church
| Stories, images, and tables of 900+ medieval burials
| ..United Kingdom:
.....England by counties
| ..Pilgrims and Crusaders
| ..France-Flanders-Aquitaine-Normandy
| ..Germany-Bavaria-Saxony
| ..Hungary
| ..Italy
| ..Ukraine and Russia
| ..Spain and Portugal
| Tips for your effigy hunt
| Bonus! Excerpt from "Mary Dyer Illuminated"
| About the author

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at Amazon, paperback, $14

at CreateSpace, paperback, $14

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Available at Amazon, CreateSpace, and B&N

at Amazon, paperback, $14

at CreateSpace, paperback, $14

at Barnes & Noble, paperback, $14


"The book you didn't know you need, but you do! A must for medieval lovers."

"Effigy Hunter was an impeccably well-researched read..."

"Very highly recommended for genealogists, historians, novelists, & travelers."

"A superb medieval travel experience! For travelers, as well as those of the armchair variety, it is a fabulous book to enjoy. I loved it."

"It brings to life real people who are usually only remembered as epitaphs. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in medieval history/genealogy as I am."

"What an adventure! Effigy Hunter breaks the mold; it is travel writing, history, genealogy, yet it takes the reader to the United Kingdom, Paris, and other places in Europe giving new insights to those places while invoking the experienced traveler of good memories. Try this book! You'll have fun and learn at the same time."

"Is this intriguing book a history, genealogy, or personal memoir? All that, and more. Ms. Robinson’s meticulous charts provide readers with locations and descriptions of tombs and effigies, interspersed with unique photographs and lively travel anecdotes."

"I can't tell you enough how fascinating this book is! It's like Rick Steves meets Indiana Jones! Its engaging, historical and utterly relevant information is a traveler's absolute "must have" if you're an individual researching your family tree or even just hitting the road less traveled by tourists. Even if you're an armchair or virtual traveler, don't leave this book behind as you go traipsing back in time, exploring who you are and where you came from!"