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I recently edited this fantastic book and walked the author through the many steps of the publication process, as well as the author platform she'll have to manage after the publisher stops their publicity in a few weeks. (That's the way of publishing in the 21st century.)

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Christy  K  Robinson

Do you have a book manuscript or magazine/newsletter idea for your organization? Do you administer a nonprofit or small business that needs to get the word out--and the donations in? Christy has years of experience with magazines, newsletters, websites, and blogs, making the subtle "ask" that gets your stakeholders (customers, clients, donors) excited about participation! She also accepts outsourcing jobs from publishing companies.

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Literary, commercial, and educational editing, proofing, and writing.

  • Specialist in copy editing for historical fiction, inspirational nonfiction & fiction
  • Specialist in editing higher education: syllabi, dissertations, theses
  • Create and manage magazines, books, e-blasts, newsletters, web pages for non-profits, higher education
  • Edit book manuscripts by authors; recommend copy, content, and format changes for authors Hyveth Williams, Patricia O’Sullivan, Sam Pestis, Jo Ann Butler, Bill Tucker, et al.
  • Klout score for social networking hovers in the 60-65 range
  • Freelance magazine and newspaper article writer (Christian Record, Providence Journal, etc.)
  • Christy K. Robinson’s book, We Shall Be Changed, published June 2010 by Review & Herald Publishing Association. Her biographical novel, Mary Dyer Illuminated, was published in October 2013, and has received 5/5-star reviews. Its sequel, Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This, was published in March 2014. Both were constructed from journals, letters, colonial court records, and reference books. A nonfiction book of cultural research and character sketches of the 17th century, The Dyers, was published in October 2013.
  • Blogger and group administrator of web content supporting authors and historians of 17th century
  • Formatting e-books and paperbacks for indie-pub authors

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How does this work? 
The author/writer contacts me about their project, whether it's a book manuscript or a magazine or web article.

If it's a book, I sample-edit about 2,000 words and estimate the hours it will take to copy edit the entire manuscript, then apply a per-hour rate. The author pays in two installments, at the beginning and the end. My edits are done in Word's "track changes" mode in Chicago or AP style (depending on the project), and when we've hit "final," the original author accepts or rejects my changes.

For shorter projects, like a magazine series, I sample-edit a smaller piece and send an estimate of my time and rate. I invoice the client via Paypal, and they pay by credit or debit card.

Why YOU need an editor, even if you're a good writer and speller

© Christy K Robinson, the Editornado [ed•i•tohr•NAY•doh]

I get it.
·    You’ve been a writer since you were able to read, and you have a good command of English.
·    Your writing app has spell-check, and even gives a wavy green underline for questionable prose.
·    Your mother is a better speller than you are, and she read it through for free.
·    There’s only a short window of time to get your self-pub on the market before you’re broke, the topic loses momentum, or the gifting season ends.
·    The story is “the thing,” and spelling, rhetoric, punctuation, characterization, and story arc can take a back seat to driving the high-performance story.

Right? Yeah, not so much. Some readers believe that a book or publication with more than one error is a mark of the author’s disrespect for readers. Others say that if an author can’t present the information or story in a standardized form, they can't be trusted to have their facts or history well-researched. And you know perfectly well that incorrect homophones and misplaced apostrophes are common errors that most people (especially you, because you've seen your work so often) will skip over.

Remember the carpenter's old saw: "Measure twice. Cut once." If you're in such a rush to get your golden prose onto the market that you can't wait a few weeks or a month to go through an edit and revisions, then you can't wait to have your mistakes (grand and memorable blunders or simple typos) entwined with your byline, preserved for all time in e-readers or bookshelves. Don't think that your mistakes won't affect your sales. Word gets out in Amazon and Goodreads very quickly, and it's worldwide. If potential customers find mistakes in your book, website, or blog, they'll assume your research, product, or service also is flawed. It matters!

What can the Editornado [ed•i•tohr•NAY•doh] do for you?  Use the  CONTACT FORM  to message Christy about editing, rewriting, or improving your project, be it book manuscript, web pages, or educational materials. If it's important enough to ask people to read (or buy), it's important enough to have a professional makeover!