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Books on Mary Dyer and Anne Hutchinson,

and their friends and foes

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These books tell the personal story of the beginning of democracy and civil liberties in North America. The exciting narrative unfolds through the eyes of Mary and William Dyer, Anne Hutchinson, Governor John Winthrop, and Sir Henry Vane. The events and people were real, the conversations are fiction. You'll be overwhelmed by the scope of this major work. The books run between 330 and 390 pages, and are described by readers as "chewy," so they're well worth the money. Other books about Mary Dyer that have been on the market over the last 20 years are outdated and obsolete. Here, you'll find the author has incorporated new research in primary documents discovered in New England and British archives.

​​The Dyers of London, Boston, & Newport  (The Dyers #3)

by Christy K Robinson
Nonfiction, illustrated. The research and recent discoveries behind the novels. The Dyers is a lively nonfiction account of background color, culture, short stories, personality sketches, food, medicine, interests, recreation, cosmic events, and all the "stuff" that made up the world of William and Mary Dyer in the 1600s. More than 70 chapters, and all-new, exclusive content found nowhere else! 

Kindle edition Amazon price $6.99 
Paperback 320 pages, $12 Amazon 

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Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This (The Dyers #2)
by Christy K Robinson
Historical/biographical fiction about Mary and William Dyer, 1651-1660,with an epilogue that spans another 50 years to include their associates and their children. Fiction based closely on detailed research of actual events.
Paperback, 330 pages. $19.99 on Amazon

Kindle edition  Amazon price $7.99

Mary Dyer Illuminated  (The Dyers #1)

by Christy K Robinson.

Fiction based closely on detailed research of actual events. FIVE-STAR reviews.

Paperback, 390 pages. $19.99 on Amazon 

Kindle edition  Amazon price $7.99  

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Repro letters!

of Mary Dyer's and William Dyer's handwritten letters before

Mary was hanged!

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