• “Christy is a wonderful pianist who reads, improvises, and plays by ear. She provided musical accompaniment for Loma Linda University's collegiate church for over 15 years. I would recommend her to a church who wants their people brought closer to God.” Judi Simons-Wright

• "To whom it may concern: My husband and I sing in the choir at Trinity Bible Church, where Christy accompanied us. We highly recommend her for the position that is open at your church. She is an extremely talented musician, she has a quick wit and intelligence, was completely reliable and loves the Lord! We were so sorry to see her go, but know she will be an asset wherever she is, and we doubt you could do better.” Rob and Judy Buss

• “Two thumbs up recommendation. We hate not having Christy here, but we support her in looking for work.” Pastor Mark Sherid, Trinity Bible Church  
• "I have worked as the vocal soloist with Christy Robinson accompanying on both organ and piano at the First Christian Science Church in Sun City West for the past 10 months at the Sunday morning services. During this time, I have found her to be consistently reliable, accommodating, and musical. I have particularly enjoyed her inspired choices of music for both the prelude and postlude. Accordingly, it is my pleasure to recommend her musical services to enhance any church service that requires keyboard performance or accompaniment.”  Irene Seubert

• “I'm delighted to recommend Christy as an organist/pianist/music director. She provided excellent musical service for our church, and she has great talent as an artist and musician. Christy is also a spiritual person and she has depth, understanding and appreciation of the sacredness of music in worship. Delighted to HIGHLY recommend her work as a church organist/pianist!” Rev. Father Rick Romero

• “Christy is a passionate piano/keyboard player who performs at the highest musical standards while maintaining a cordial relationship with her peers.” Pastor Cristian Iordan

• “After many happy years working with Christy in rehearsing and performing church music, I can happily give her my endorsement. Her keyboard skills and musical ear are excellent and her knowledge of music broad.” Dr. J. Mailen Kootsey

 "Christy brings not only great musical gifts but a deep spirituality." Rev. Rene Jensen

• "You are such a blessing to us. Thank you for using your gifts for the glory of God. What a great evening -- thank you for making it so special." Women of Trinity

• "They are very fortunate to have you!! I miss your musical talents and I'd love to sing with you again!!" Amy Kelley

• "Thank you for sharing your great talent with us...  Thank you for blessing us with your gift... You're such a blessing!... Christy, you are one of my favorite ivory ticklers!... Thank you for being a very important part of our church music program... You are so appreciated! Your sightreading ability is incredible. Most of all, we appreciate you for your sweet spirit... You're a FIRST RATE pianist and fine person!..." Life Church members

Church Musician

Christy  K  Robinson

"Christy, you were lovely in SO many ways! Thank you for blessing us with your gifts!!!" -- Cari Vincent, Trinity Bible Church

Christy accompanying the choir of Life Church of the Northwest Valley. (Jeff Yoder, director, in foreground.) 
Jeff Yoder wrote during the pandemic recess: "I have enjoyed working with you so much. You have been such a delight, sharing your talents and emotions with us. Thanks for all you have done and do. Maybe we'll be working together again someday."

• "Christy, I've been listening to your audio cassette and I simply HAVE to write and 
thank you. It is calming, peaceful music, good for a background of contemplation. It has told me quite a lot about you: your selection of pieces to include, and the various arrangements. I've been especially engaged by your choice of sounds from your synthesizer. I want to express one observer's appreciation for your skill and deft touch." Dr Bernard Brandstater (1929-2020), Redlands, Calif. 

• "Thank you so much for your [musical] support of our family today. Phil and Geneva booth loved music and would appreciate your beautiful playing. We appreciate your kindness, compassion and lovely contribution." The Gentle, Fiorentino, and Berkshire families

​• "You are such a blessing!!!!" Pastor Duff Gorle

2019 marked 50 years of being a church musician! (Yes, I was a child when I was elected.)

Playlist (solo and choir) can be found at

​​Church pianist, choir accompanist, music director

Extremely versatile church keyboardist (acoustic piano, electronic keyboard), in liturgical, traditional, contemporary, and crossover styles. Twelve years’ experience co-directing praise team in weekly rehearsals and church services. Though she once played pipe and electronic organs on a weekly basis, a slight walking disability has ended performance on the organ pedalboard and restricted organ play to manuals.

Familiar with 400 years of traditional hymnody and with contemporary praise music. Proficient in sightreading hymns, accompaniment, and lead sheet (worship team) improvisation. Able to adapt to unexpected changes that occur during a church service.

Keyboardist, choir or solo accompanist, choir director, etc., for

  • Glendale SDA (Glendale, AZ), 1968-73
  • Phoenix Central SDA (Phoenix, AZ), 1973-1997
  • Heritage Presbyterian (Glendale, AZ), 1980s
  • Larkspur Christian—Disciples of Christ (Phoenix, AZ), 1990s
  • Loma Linda Campus Hill (Loma Linda, CA), 1997-2010 (pianist for contemporary and traditional services, praise team, memorials, weddings, etc.)
  • Quiet Hour Ministries (Redlands, CA), 2002-2009 (pianist for daily chapel, fundraising retreats)
  • St. Paul's United Methodist (San Bernardino, CA), 1998-2010 (substitute pipe organist & pianist)
  • Trinity Bible (Phoenix, AZ), 2011-present (choir accompanist, memorials, worship, socials)
  • Spirit of Hope United Methodist (Peoria, AZ), 2013-2017 (substitute)
  • Spirit Song United Methodist (Peoria, AZ), 2013 (seasonal)
  • Church of the Palms United Church of Christ (Sun City, AZ), 2014 (interim)
  • 1st Church of Christ, Scientist (Sun City West, AZ), 2014-2015 (organist)
  • Dove of the Desert United Methodist (Peoria, AZ), 2016-present (substitute)
  • Life Church of the NW Valley (Peoria, AZ), 2017-2020 ended with pandemic (choir accompanist)
  • Lutheran Missouri Synod, 2021 (interim)
  • Southern Baptist (Glendale, AZ), 2022-

Guest pianist or accompanist for Baptist, Seventh-day Adventist, Methodist, Disciples of Christ, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, non-denominational, Catholic, Lutheran, and Mormon services. Have played for services in the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, Ukraine, Australia, and New Zealand. Keyboardist for weddings, memorials, conference/reception music.

Christy Robinson is the daughter of a music teacher, and has been playing for churches and school assemblies since age 10. She has a minor in music education (BA in Communications), and has taught at private schools, and in her own home studio. For many years, she has been pianist, organist, and music director in a wide variety of Protestant, Evangelical, and mainline settings, and enjoys all of it from traditional and conservative hymns to contemporary worship teams, and a blend of both. She's a skilled accompanist, and allows the choir or soloist to shine to its greatest magnitude without being overtaken.

Christy is available to play piano or synthesizer for weddings, memorials, banquets or elegant dinners, receptions, and other events.

Use the  contact form  to message her about playing for your church on a regular or substitute basis, or to play for your event.