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Get swept away by the rich history, UK and New England scenery, and the private lives of the original founders of American culture.

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Christy is also a piano teacher (minor in Music Ed) who can teach you to play the piano for relaxation, mental stimulation, and for creative outlet.

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Christy K Robinson sold her first articles to The Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette newspapers as a high school correspondent. She earned her bachelor’s in communication, as well as part of a master’s, from La Sierra University, and has freelanced in writing and editing newsletters, magazines, brochures, book manuscripts, and websites ever since. 

After earning college credit in music performance during her eighth grade and high school years (the youngest college student admitted to Glendale Community College), and minoring in music education at university, Christy has also taught piano at her home and in private schools, and played keyboards for many churches in Arizona and California, Australia and New Zealand, the UK, and Ukraine.

She was employed at La Sierra and Loma Linda Universities as a PR and publications director, and was communications and editorial director at Quiet Hour Ministries when she produced the book We Shall Be Changed, published in 2010. During her 12 years in California, she produced more than a hundred philanthropic or alumni magazines, countless newsletters and institutional publications, display ads for international magazines, hundreds of web pages, email blasts, and wrote or edited video, radio, and TV scripts, including an award-winning video made for the National Religious Broadcasters. In 2011, having moved back to her native Phoenix, she began researching and writing a pair of fact-based biographical novels (the events and people are real and documented, the settings and conversations are fiction), including
Mary Dyer Illuminated and Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This (biographical fiction); and The Dyers (nonfiction historical research). All three of the Dyer books centered on Mary Barrett Dyer, the Quaker woman who gave her life for separation of church and state in 1660, and whose husband influenced laws that became a model for the US Constitution’s first amendment right to religious liberty. Christy’s research process uncovered facts that have lain hidden for 350 years. In 2015, she published a lively, entertaining, five-star nonfiction book on medieval burial customs in the UK and France, called Effigy Hunter. In 2018, Christy published a biography, Anne Marbury Hutchinson: American Founding Mother.

Her interests are historical research, container gardening (leading to jam and salsa canning, food dehydrating), and art.

She was recently featured in an interview with VoyagePhoenix:

Christy K Robinson is a magazine and book editor and writer, with a BA degree in Communications--Print media, and part of a masters in English. She's a one-stop shop for your writing and editing needs. She lives in the Phoenix-metro area, but conducts her editing business entirely online.

Christy  K  Robinson